Tabajaras - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Project Favela 

     Volunteer for a Day!

If you are going to be in Rio de Janeiro why not spend a day with us volunteering in the school with our team!

It is much more sincere and authentic than the typical Favela Tour and you will be supporting the school. You will spend the day getting to know our community, our children, our work.          


  Volunteering with Project Favela

We are always looking to staff our school in Tabajaras with amazing people. Always looking to recruit exceptional, adventurous, committed, and dedicated volunteers for our team. It is an incredible little school in a very special little mountain top community. Volunteers live and work in the favela, experiencing and immersing themselves in this amazing culture and community. The real Rio de Janeiro. A short walk down the mountain puts our volunteers in the heart of Copacabana and they enter yet another reality. This cultural contrast makes the experience even deeper for the volunteer helping them better understand the socio-economic realities of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Real work, getting real results in the real Rio. Improving the lives of others while enriching your own. Teach, mentor, live and learn in the favela. This will be real cultural immersion. Be more than just another tourist passing through, be an active member of the community. We are a unique one-of-a kind project in Rio offering a diverse and comprehensive education to children in the community for free. We do it all by using an amazing team of International Volunteers from diverse backgrounds.

Our volunteers are looking for real work abroad experience. They want to volunteer with a real organization that is doing meaningful work, and one that does provide an honest, real experience with true cultural and community immersion. Our project was not created for volunteers, it was created for the community and we use volunteers to make it all happen, this is an important distinction. Our volunteers do not just drop in and out. They live and work in the favela! Volunteers work hard during the week in a challenging environment. Our work comes with expectations. Our volunteers have plenty of fun and adventure along the way too. This is the reward. Doing truly meaningful work and with your free time enjoying all that makes Rio de Janeiro so incredible. Our volunteer program is perfect for the person wanting real work abroad experience in a grass roots NGO. You will not only leave Rio with a deep understanding of the favela but with teaching and youth mentoring experience as well as nonprofit administration. We are perfect for the person that loves a challenge. loves children, and a person that is truly dedicated to making a real tangible difference in the life of a child in a very challenged community. 

Please if you are interested in volunteering with us use the contact form here on the site or email us

How you can help!
There are many ways to get involved in the project and support our work in Rio de Janeiro for these amazing children in our school. You can support Project Favela by making a donation, volunteering with us on the ground in Brazil, or by raising awareness by doing something as simple as following us on social media! Any kind of support is always greatly appreciated!     

Making a donation.

We are always very grateful for any donation we receive, no matter how small or large. Your donation allows us to deliver our offering to the children and sustain the project. 

There are several ways to donate to the Project. You can make a donation here on the site directly through PayPal or on Facebook, or Propeller. We are also always delighted to receive supplies of any kind too, but in particular from our Amazon Wish List! Also if you shop Amazon please select us as your Amazon Smiles Charity. If you plan on shipping us a donation made up of supplies or materials please contact us first. 

Come and work with us! 

Volunteering in Brazil with Project Favela is the most rewarding way you can support our cause! We staff volunteers from all over the world of all ages and backgrounds for stays ranging from 3 weeks to 3 months!  You do not need to be a teacher, but you do need to be serious about making a difference in the lives of children. Our teaching system allows volunteers to really be effective in our school. Volunteering in Rio with us is very rewarding and very challenging. It is real mental and emotional work, physically exhausting work, however in the you will be making a real difference, and if you are looking for a vacation with a "do good" vibe we are probably not right for you. We are a real school, with real objectives and expectations, doing real work, getting real results in the real Rio. We are looking for serious, dedicated, energetic, compassionate people to join our team.

Our volunteers are responsible for all of the school’s lesson planning and teaching, working with our curriculum to achieve outstanding results in the classroom. Our team are also school administrators and managers. Giving our volunteers real Non Profit Management experience in a developing country. We are always in need of outstanding volunteers who are willing to join our team and take on a challenge! This volunteer opportunity is perfect for anybody looking for a real work abroad experience all the while getting to live in Rio de Janeiro and experience it like most never will.  

We are open every year from February to December, so if you would like to come and join our team please contact us at

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We try to maintain an active presence on social media, with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Please follow us there and see what is happening at the school. Feel free to like, share and comment on any of our profiles as we are always looking to expand our reach and spread the word about the project please!

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