Project Favela

​​How you can help!

There are many ways to get involved in the Project including making a donation, volunteering in Rocinha, raising awareness or even something as simple as following us on social media! Any kind of support is always greatly appreciated by both the kids and staff alike!  


Making a donation. 

We are always unbelievably grateful for any donation we receive, no matter how small or large. Your donation goes a long way to help sustaining the Project, ensuring the classrooms always have supplies, the children always have pens and paper and we can continue to grow and help more children in Rocinha. 

There are several ways to donate to the Project. You can provide financial help through PayPal or Propeller, with Propeller giving you the opportunity to earn prizes as you donate! We also are always delighted to receive supplies of any kind, but in particular from our Amazon Wish List!

Come and work with us! 

Volunteering with Project Favela is the most rewarding way you can support our cause! We staff volunteers from all over the world of all ages and backgrounds for stays ranging from 3 weeks to 6 months!  You do not need to be a teacher, not at all but you do need to be serious about making a difference in the lives of children. Our teaching system allows volunteers to really be effective in the school. Volunteering in Rio with us is very rewarding and very challenging. It is real work, making a real difference.

Our volunteers are responsible for all of the school’s lesson planning and teaching, working with our curriculum to achieve outstanding results in the classroom year on year. We are always in need of outstanding volunteers who are willing to join our team and take on a challenge! This volunteer opportunity is perfect for anybody looking for a real work abroad experience all the while getting to live in Rio de Janeiro and experience it like most never will.  

Volunteers at Project Favela work on average 6 hours a day in the school, working closely with children and adults from the community. Life in Rocinha can be challenging at times and we ask that our volunteers always bring their best every day in order to get the most out the experience. However we can guarantee that you will quickly fall in love with Rocinha and its people, its culture and its crazy day-to-day life. 

We are open every year from February to December, so if you would like to come and join our team please fill out an application form or email us at For more information on the volunteer experience, please visit our blog or our YouTube channel! 

Follow us on Social Media!

We have a very active presence on social media, with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages as well as a LinkedIn profile that you can follow! Feel free to like, share and comment on any of our profiles as we are always looking to expand our reach and spread the word about the Project!

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