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It needs to be said, and I can never forget who inspired me and taught me so much. He convinced me to move the project's operations to Rocinha from Zona Norte in 2012. He was my professor in all things favela. He taught me about all the good, the bad, and the ugly. He inspired me to dream a big dream and I have, and we as an organization have built something very special in Rocinha. We are proud and honored to be just one of the many great organizations in Rocinha that are carrying on his work and his legacy of getting children to dream big and then giving them the means to make those dreams a reality. - Scott 

Lino dos Santos Filho

​Tio Lino​

Rua da Raiz 145
Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro
Brazil - 22430-060
TELE: 55 21 975068530

Project Favela Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Project Favela Volunteer Program In Rio De Janeiro Brazil Is Getting Real Results Because We Strive To Surround Ourselves With Exceptional People. This Is Why Our Early Childhood Education Program Is Effective.​

Project Favela Is Always Looking For Great Volunteers, New Partners, Donations, Investment, and Good Advice That Moves Us All Forward.

Our Non Profit Organization, Our Work, Our Vision Only Succeeds And Goes Forward From The Generous Support Of Others.

​​​Project Favela Rio de Janeiro Brazil

 Innovative Educational Programs Getting Real Results 

​Volunteer Abroad Opportunity Real Cultural Immersion

Bold Experiment In A Little Project In A Big Place

Sustainable Tourism Making A Real Difference In Brazil

​​​​Associacao De Surf Da Rocinha(ASR) is another one of our partners in Rocinha. They run a very professional and well respected youth mentoring program. They use surfing to connect with children and mentor them on to bright and positive futures. They organize both local and national competitions and are the "go to surfing locals" for any international competitions in Rio. They also do some serious environmental work. We love these guys and they have always been so good to us and our volunteers.

If you are coming to Rio and you would like to surf these are your people, or if you would like to give surfing a try, want a lesson please do contact them. They do surfing days trips and lessons as a fundraising tool for their project. 

They are always in need of gear, social media support, and donations.

​​Centro Commuitario da Rua 2 is a long time partner of Project Favela.​ They do some inspirational work in one of the most economically challenged parts of our community. Working with education, sports, and dance. Also helping to provide essential services and needs to some of the community's most economically challenged residents. He also organizes a summer camp for over 250 children in Rocinha. Every week in the month of January he and an army of volunteers set out daily to various locations in Rio de Janeiro with these 250 children. It is for most of the children their first time to a museum, cultural site, far away beach, or park. It is a massive under taking to make this happen for children that otherwise would spend their summer doing nothing constructive and or positive. They are always in need of financial donations.

Please help sponsor the Rua 2 summer camp.​

Project Favela Volunteers

​​Mission Statement

It is our goal and desire to provide a means in which children have access to high quality educational programs that have the ability to move their lives forward and break the cycle of poverty. By providing educational opportunities that change lives we hope to make the world a better place one student, one child at a time. We hope we can set an example for others to follow that will bring about other educational programs and opportunities. Also to show the world that every child if given a proper education and access to higher education is capable of doing amazing and great things that will ripple out far beyond the favelas and communities of Rio de Janeiro Brazil.​

​​Our Partners

​​We get many requests for favela tours.

It is not something we do. However we have a very trusted partner that does. Our partners

il sorriso dei miei bimbi do a really nice favela tour.

You will feel like a local as you walk along the streets and passage ways with their team. You will see Rocinha through the eyes of people that have invested so much into this community and who are making a real difference for the children and young adults of Rocinha. They operate 3 different NGOs in Rocinha. They use funds from the favela tours to help financially operate their schools and projects. If you want the best possible favela tour in Rocinha or Rio, and you want your money to make a real difference please contact them. They are always in need of materials and donations as well.

​​Escolinha De Futebol Planeta Rocinha. The pride of Rocinha! Our partners and our good friends Diego, Rivaldo, and Leandro founded and operate this incredible futebol program. High above the community they work with over 100 youth every day. It is not just about the game, they teach life skills too. It is both a mentoring and sports program. They teach the basics all the way up to producing pro players. They hold numerous titles and championships. It is a very serious project and their results speak to their success. They are always in need of sponsors, equipment, and donations. ​​

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