Who We Are And Our Story

About Us

We are an American Non-Profit that operates a school in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Our organization was founded and created by international educators and individuals with a deep love for the favelas of Rio and the children that call them home. Our team has always been concerned about the quality of education that the children of Rio´s underserved communities are receiving and the lack of positive mentoring and opportunities.  Our goal has always been to provide effective Early Childhood Education programs in addition to STEM, Artistic and Cultural programs.  Beyond academics we want our students to grow into happy, healthy, positive, constructive members of society. We strongly believe that opportunities change lives. We want to put our students in a position to maximize opportunities and realize their dreams.  

Our Story

​​Project Favela

Our story starts in 2010 when our founder Scott Miles first began exploring and studying the favelas of Rio. With an idea and a dream he began working with Brazilian Non Profits in Zona Norte of Rio and in the favelas of Pavão Pavazinho, Cantagalo, Vidigal, and Rocinha. He continued studying the complexities and challenges of these communities. Soon after that Project Favela was more than an idea it was a reality. We started by supporting or creating new educational programs within existing organizations. We soon branched out and started operating our own schools in Rocinha.  Violence and an armed conflict between warring cartels and the police in 2017 forced us to leave Rocinha for Tabajaras. We have been in Tabajaras since 2018 which we happily and proudly call home. We found magic in Tabajaras and we work with the most incredible children in the world. We love our school, our students, and our community.