Project Favela 

We operate a small school with international volunteers that provides free educational programs to the children of our community here in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We have created a teaching system that delivers an intensive comprehensive education program in our community  that we hope will create enthusiastic learners that excel in academics. Children that are hungry for future opportunities that will come from education and mentoring and of course hard work, dedication and commitment in the classroom.

We add a Brazilian twist to a classic Montessori Education model for our youngest children in order to adapt to the needs of the community. We have accomplished some amazing results, and the progress that the children have made has been, and continues to be outstanding. We make learning fun, dynamic and most importantly effective. We take a Waldorfian approach to education with our older children. We get great results combing our STEAM program with a Waldorfian type classroom environment.

The school is open Monday through Friday from 9am until 5pm, seeing over 40 children pass through our door each day. Friday nights are reserved for our Girl Empowerment Night. Our female team members combine with young girls from our community to create a night of fun, friendship, learning and mentoring. 

Our priority is teaching our youngest children to be classroom ready. Teaching them self control, focus, developing their cognitive and motor skill abilities is an extremely important part of what we do. These early steps allow us to grow with them and move into advanced material at a very early age with subjects such as science, technology, art, math and engineering. As our students grow we continue advancing their critical thinking and problem solving skills. We also provide them with rich cultural and creative expression programs through various art forms rounding our their education.

​​Education equals opportunity! 

This is our belief and core to everything we do. There must be an end game for these children. Our goal is to cross the finish line with our students. Our objective is to deliver our students to university classrooms. A reality that is sadly just a fantasy for so many of Rio's children. Our strategy is to combine an international curriculum of both academics and holistic well being with a "pre vestibular" focus starting at age 7.  

Project Favela has been providing free educational programs in Rio's favelas since 2010. 

We want to play a big part in providing the futures our children want and dream about. Teaching Hip-Hop, coloring, and English for example is great as a mentoring tool and it is all fun and laughs, but the reality is that will not provide these children with the futures they deserve and want. It definitely will not get them to college. You have to provide these children with real life opportunities and that's why we are focused on getting our children into universities. We believe in starting very early with a very broad curriculum and a pre-"vestibular" focus. We are teaching for the future with our STEM program and enhancing our curriculum with a diverse liberal and creative arts program. Outside the classroom we work with our children in extracurricular activities such as soccer, kickboxing , Jiu Jitsu and various creative arts programs. There has to be goal, a target and at the end of this journey a reward that advances their lives, and for us that is getting them into a college classroom.

​  ​​​HOW WE DO IT

International volunteering, sustainable tourism, and education coming together in Rio de Janerio, Brazil to create opportunity. That is the Project Favela recipe. International volunteers support us operationally and financially. They bring with them very diverse backgrounds and experience. This diversity is magical in the classroom. It is one of the ingredients that make our classes fun and dynamic. We combine a STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) program with a rich creative expression and cultural program to make our program more than just fun but, comprehensive, effective and results driven. 

Our volunteers our more than just teachers and administrators, they are mentors and life coaches to the children as well. While it is our goal to deliver these students to college classrooms here in Brazil or even abroad, we also want to produce children that are good citizens, well rounded, well grounded, happy and healthy. We combine both the academic program and well being program in everything we do. Every opportunity is an opportunity to teach, mentor, learn and make sure our children thrive..  


About our school

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 Tabajaras - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Our Community

​​Tabajaras  is located in the heart of Copacabana. This is the home of Project Favela. It is one of 5 favelas located in Copacabana. The approximate population of Tabajaras is around 10,000-12,000 residents.  The name Tabajaras pays tribute to the local indigenous tribe that once lived in the area. The community is actually made up of 3 communities all combined into one. The Botafogo side of the mountain is called Vila Rica and other side is called Cabritos, however the entire mountain and community is called Tabajaras.

The community is located atop a mountain surrounded by towering rock formations and tropical forest. Down below you will find world famous Copacabana, the beach and the Atlantic Ocean. Tabajaras has one of the best locations in "Zona Sul" and is very fortunate to have some of the best views in Rio, and there is a always a delightful breeze that comes off of the sea and blows across the community. It is a sleepy beach side community that has a rich history of producing local legends in music, art, culture and sports. The community actually has a long diverse history dating back to 1880. The streets and alley ways of Tabajaras are filled with bars, cafes, restaurants, bakeries, pizzerias, shops and markets.

You can access Tabajaras quite easily by exiting the Siqueira Campos Metro Station, crossing the street and simply start walking up the mountain, or take Moto Taxi and tell your driver "Rampa".

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