Early Childood Education

The foundation of a child's education is the most important part. From here you can construct amazing things. Getting our young learners enthusiastic and motivated about the classroom is our goal. Teaching how to be problem solvers and analytical thinkers at an early age. Making learning fun, but challenging. Teaching rules and self-control. 

​​​​ Education in the Favelas of Rio

The future belongs to technology, it is as simple as that. If you are not teaching science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to students you are not preparing them for the future.  We teach for the future and we teach for change.  Teaching advanced material and making it fun and dynamic. STEM education is in almost everything we do. 

We have been providing educational programs in Rio´s favelas since 2010.

Education is not complete with mentoring. Teaching respect, sharing, caring, love, compassion, and empathy is every day for us. Also how to maintain a positive attitude, create positive solutions to problems, and conflict resolution. Staying focused and driven. Being a positive, healthy, happy human being always comes first.

​​Project Favela

Education Creates Opportunities 

Opportunities Change Lives

Our fight is education.
Creating opportunies through education that allow our students to reach their potential and acheive their dreams, that´s our goal.