"changing their lives, enriching your own"

Welcome to Project Favela
Sustainable Tourism in Rio de Janeiro Making a Difference

Are you looking for a volunteer program here in Rio de Janeiro Brasil?
If you choose to work with our organization we can assure you complete immersion into favela culture and daily life. The real Rio de Janeiro! A real experience that will be for sure be challenging and unforgettable and forever change the way you look at the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. Our international volunteer program can provide you with a purposeful, challenging and rewarding volunteer experience here in Rio de Janeiro. Whether you are volunteering in our school or in one of our partner NGO's you will find the experience meaningful, eye opening,  and of course you will have plenty of fun along the way too. The only thing you will regret is not doing this and not volunteering here in Rio. Project Favela is one of the most respected volunteer organizations here in Rio de Janeiro and we are always in need of committed, driven, fun, creative, take charge volunteers to work on our team.

Through Project Favela you can learn how to travel to one of the most beautiful places on earth and participate in a volunteer program that will make a difference in the lives of some of the most beautiful, but underprivileged people in Brasil. Our volunteer program is for individuals that have a strong desire to participate in a volunteer program in Rio de Janeiro that provides a true work abroad experience and in the end produces positive tangible results for both the community and the volunteer.

We are a little different than most international volunteer organizations. Our goal is to personalize your experience and create something special. To provide total immersion and a real sincere interaction with the residents of the favela is what you can expect. We try to match the volunteer to the
perfect NGO/project of their choosing. We work with more than just a few projects in addition to our own school and this is why we can customize your volunteer program here in Brasil and match your desire or skill set to the perfect project here in Rio de Janeiro. We are about providing real volunteer opportunities and doing real benificial work in the favelas of Rio. Our goal is to create a real  volunteer tourism opportunity and provide real sustainable tourism to the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. 

The 3 million plus inhabitants of Rio de Janeiro's favelas face daunting challenges. Those living in these under privileged communities in Rio de Janeiro face unemployment, unsanitary living conditions, disease, lack of health care/pre natal care, malnutrition, poor drinking water, huge educational shortfalls, drugs, gangs, violence, domestic abuse, homelessness, and the list goes on and on. Even in the shadow of all this adversity you will find the residents of the 600 plus favelas in and around Rio de Janeiro to be friendly, warm, sincere, grateful, and excited to meet you. To them you represent change, assistance, and hope for a different future. This experience is not for everybody, but if you choose to make this journey you will have a positive impact in the community.

Project Favela can provide you with the volunteer opportunity of your choosing in one of our many project partner organizations or in our school based on your interests and or background. It will be a safe, well organized program that you will be able to make a tangible difference in. Your stay in Rio de Janeiro will be beyond comfortable and we are sure you will have quite the adventure. When it is time for you to return home you will leave with the satisfaction of knowing you made not only new friends but a difference. In addition to the amazing memories you will have from
your time in Rio de Janeiro, you will take back with you a special life experience, a new level of understanding and compassion, and new found knowledge that can only come from an international work abroad experience.

Of course you cannot travel to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil without taking in all that is the “marvelous city”. When you are not volunteering in your community project you can dive into the stunning natural beauty of this city and it's famous landmarks, gorgeous beaches, hypnotic music, world famous cuisine, legendary nightlife, and the rich history of this region.

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