Project Favela Volunteer Program Rio de Janeiro

Early Childhood Education Program Getting Real Results

Sustainable Tourism Making A Difference In Brazil


Project Favela is a non profit organization in Rio de Janeiro Brazil that operates a school that provides an early childhood education to children in the community for free. Project Favela volunteer program in Rio de Janeiro Brazil is how we operate, manage, and help fund our project. We believe that education and education alone can break the cycle of poverty, and create opportunities that have the ability to transform realities. We feel very strongly that every child's future is dependent on a strong and comprehensive early childhood education. We have a very special school that uses a very unique teaching system that provides a very intensive, challenging, and comprehensive curriculum. It is a bold educational experiment that is charting new ground. The goal of Project Favela is to deliver a very high quality education to children in the community for free. To also operate and fund the project by using a responsible sustainable tourism model. We are a little school, in a really big place, getting some impressive results.


We take a creative approach to education and learning by making it fun, interactive, conceptual, and visual. We are teaching for the future, focusing both on core academics combined with a diverse STEM curriculum. We use a special teaching system in the classroom that gets real results with the children, and at the same time allows the volunteer to be effective and really teach and mentor. Our team of volunteers are from all over the world. They are exceptional people doing exceptional work. Project Favela volunteers are diverse and bring a broad spectrum of talent and experience. Our team lives in the community, they teach in the community, they are a part of the community. We combine a creative and innovative way to teach with a sustainable international volunteer program to get real results, and make a real difference in the community.


Project Favela volunteer program in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, and our early childhood education program are located in one of the most legendary locations in the city. We are located in favela Rocinha. The largest community of its kind in Latin America. Over 250,000 residents living in a crazy beautiful community on the side of a mountain surrounded by more mountains, tropical forest, and the sea. We were founded in 2009. From our humble and simple start we have grown into a non profit organization that provides educational programs to over 100 children per day in Rio de Janeiro. We teach a variety of subjects. We focus on classroom readiness, motor skills, and cognitive development for some of our youngest students and as they get older the curriculum becomes much more advanced moving into subjects such as Math, English, listening and reading comprehension, Science, Geography, Art, Engineering, critical thinking, and problem solving. It is designed and intended to be intensive and challenging for the children. Our goal is to make learning fun, dynamic, and interactive all the while pushing a very intensive effective curriculum.